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0.0 (recommendation, null)
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  • {itu-t(0) recommendation(0) h(8)}
  • {itu-t(0) null(0) h(8)}
  • {ccitt(0) recommendation(0) h(8)}
  • {ccitt(0) null(0) h(8)}
  • iri oid
  • /itu-t/recommendation/h
  • /itu-t/null/h
  • /ccitt/recommendation/h
  • /ccitt/null/h
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    Series H of ITU-T Recommendations "Audiovisual and multimedia systems"
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    Current Registration Authority (recovered by parent 0)

    ITU-T Study Group 17

    Children (19)

    OIDNameSub childrenSub Nodes TotalDescription h224 1 2 Rec. ITU-T H.224 "A real time control protocol for simplex applications using the H.221 LSD/HSD/HLP channels" 230 1 1 Recommendation ITU-T H.230 "Frame-synchronous control and indication signals for audiovisual systems" h235 1 51 ITU-T H.235 Recommendation series "Security and encryption for H-series (H.323 and other H.245-based) multimedia terminals" h239 2 4 Recommendation ITU-T H.239 (July 2003):"Role management and additional media channels for H.300-series terminals" h241 1 9 Recommendation ITU-T H.241 (07/2003): "Extended video procedures and control signals for H.300-series terminals" h245 2 45 Recommendation ITU-T H.245 - Control Protocol for multimedia communication h248 1 4 Gateway control protocol 249 4 4 Recommendation ITU-T H.249 h263 1 2 Rec. ITU-T H.263: Video coding for low bit rate communication h282 1 2 Recommendation ITU-T H.282: Remote device control protocol for multimedia applications h283 2 4 Recommendation ITU-T H.283: Remote device control logical channel transport 323 2 6 Recommendation ITU-T H.323 "Packet-based multimedia communications systems" h324 1 7 Recommendation ITU-T H.324: Terminal for low bit-rate multimedia communication h341 1 1406 Recommendation ITU-T H.341: Multimedia management information base h350 1 82 Recommendation ITU-T H.350 "Directory services architecture for multimedia conferencing" h450 12 52 Recommendation ITU-T H.450 h460 5 17 Recommendation ITU-T H.460 h641 1 5 Recommendation ITU-T H.641 "SNMP-based sensor network management framework" h225-0 2 13 Rec. ITU-T H.225.0: "Call signalling protocols and media stream packetization for packet-based multimedia communication systems"

    Brothers (25)

    OIDNameSub childrenSub Nodes TotalDescription
    0.0.0 xcmGenZeroDotZero 0 0 A value used for null object identifiers.
    Not defined in original IETF SMIv2 (RFC 1442), but defined in
    RFC 1902 as 'zeroDotZero'…
    0.0.1 a 0 0 Series A of ITU-T Recommendations "Organization of the work of the ITU-T"
    0.0.2 b 0 0 Series B of ITU-T Recommendations - Means of expression: definitions, symbols, classification
    0.0.3 c 0 0 Series C of ITU-T Recommendations - General telecommunication statistics
    0.0.4 d 0 0 Series D of ITU-T Recommendations "General tariff principles"
    0.0.5 e 1 7 Series E of ITU-T Recommendations "Overall network operation, telephone service, service operation and human factors"
    0.0.6 f 0 0 Series F of ITU-T Recommendations "Non-telephone telecommunication services"
    0.0.7 g 8 1025 Series G of ITU-T Recommendations "Transmission systems and media, digital systems and networks"
    0.0.9 i 1 191 Series I of ITU-T Recommendations "Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)"
    0.0.10 j 0 0 Series J of ITU-T Recommendations "Cable networks and transmission of television, sound programme and other multimedia signals"
    0.0.11 k 0 0 Series K of ITU-T Recommendations "Protection against interference"
    0.0.12 l 0 0 Series L of ITU-T Recommendations "Environment and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), climate change, e-waste, …
    0.0.13 m 6 320 Series M of ITU-T Recommendations "Telecommunication management, including Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) and netwo…
    0.0.14 n 0 0 Series N of ITU-T Recommendations "Maintenance: international sound programme and television transmission circuits"
    0.0.15 o 0 0 Series O of ITU-T Recommendations "Specifications of measuring equipment"
    0.0.16 p 0 0 Series P of ITU-T Recommendations "Telephone transmission quality, telephone installations, local line networks
    0.0.17 q 51 3796 Series Q of ITU-T Recommendations "Switching and signalling"
    0.0.18 r 0 0 Series R of ITU-T Recommendations "Telegraph transmission"
    0.0.19 s 0 0 Series S of ITU-T Recommendations "Telegraph services terminal equipment"
    0.0.20 t 15 85 Series T of ITU-T Recommendations "Terminals for telematic services"
    0.0.21 u 0 0 Series U of ITU-T Recommendations "Telegraph switching"
    0.0.22 v 1 5 Series V of ITU-T Recommendations "Data communication over the telephone network"
    0.0.24 x 10 488 Series X of ITU-T Recommendations "Data networks, open system communications and security"
    0.0.25 y 0 0 Series Y of ITU-T Recommendations "Global information infrastructure, Internet protocol aspects, next-generation networks, Inte…
    0.0.26 z 0 0 Series Z of ITU-T Recommendations "Languages and general software aspects for telecommunication systems"