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    ITU-T Questions
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    There is, for every four-year Study Period, one arc per Study Group, whose number is given by the formula 32 x period + study_group_number, where the Study Period 1984-88 has the number 0 (so that there can be no more than 31 Study Groups).

    The arcs below this have the values corresponding to the Questions assigned to that Study Group in that Study Period. Arcs below this are determined as necessary by the group (e.g., Working Party or special Rapporteur group) assigned to study the Question.

    It seems that this arc has never been used. It is an historical relic from the time when the Recommendations were paper copies and had to be written before they get a number in a letter series. A working group was then able to create a unique OID without knowing the Recommendation number.

    Current Registration Authority (recovered by parent 0)

    ITU-T Study Group 17

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    OIDNameSub childrenSub Nodes TotalDescription
    0.0 recommendation, null 26 7678 ITU-T Recommendations (International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunication standardization sector)
    0.2 administration 255 383 National administrations of the ITU members
    0.3 network-operator 505 506 Network operators
    0.4 identified-organization 1 1702 International research or industry organizations registered at ITU-T
    0.5 r-recommendation 0 0 ITU-R Recommendations (International Telecommunication Union - Radiocommunication sector)
    0.9 data 1 84 Mis-defined because some people believed it was a CCITT assignment for data networks