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  • {iso(1) member-body(2) au(36) government(1) nehta(2001) external(1005) mims(11) mims-codes(1)}
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  • /iso/member-body/au/government/nehta/external/mims/mims-codes
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    Monthly Index of Medical Specialties (MIMS) standard code set
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    The intended use of Monthly Index of Medical Specialties (MIMS) Data is to fully specify the product as a combination of product code, form code, and pack code.
    For example, when providing a MIMS Code within a Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) document, the MIMS code will be a minimum of 5 digits (in most cases, will be 8 digits).

    (Automatically extracted from the Health Level 7 OID Registry)

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    Drew Andison

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    James Coroneos

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