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  • {iso(1) member-body(2) au(36) government(1) nehta(2001) external(1005) sa-Health-eHealth-Systems(26) sa-health-ehs-doc-id(1)}
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  • /iso/member-body/au/government/nehta/external/sa-Health-eHealth-Systems/sa-health-ehs-doc-id
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    SA Health Clinical Document identifiers
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    This OID is not used directly, but groups the OIDs for each application that creates clinical documents. Number for application (Oacis, "PUMA" or "EPAS") must be appended to identify the namespace of a clinical document instance identifier.

    (Automatically extracted from the Health Level 7 OID Registry)

    First Registration Authority (recovered by parent

    Drew Andison

    Current Registration Authority

    Simon Biber

    Address: Level 9, 45 Grenfell Street
    Adelaide SA 5000

    Phone: +61 8 8425 1461

    Children (3)

    OIDNameSub childrenSub Nodes TotalDescription sa-health-ehs-doc-id-oacis 0 0 SA Health Oacis Document identifiers sa-health-ehs-doc-id-puma 0 0 SA Health "PUMA" clinical document identifiers sa-health-ehs-doc-id-epas 0 0 SA Health "EPAS" clinical document identifiers

    Brothers (5)

    OIDNameSub childrenSub Nodes TotalDescription sa-health-ehs-set-id 3 3 SA Health clinical document set identifiers sa-health-ehs-clinical-doc-code-sets 2 2 SA Health clinical document code sets sa-health-ehs-recipient-org 1 1 SA Health Recipient Organisation sa-health-ehs-recipient-ind 1 1 SA Health Recipient Individual sa-health-ehs-user 2 2 SA Health Local System User