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  • {iso(1) member-body(2) au(36) government(1) nehta(2001) external(1005) sa-Health-eHealth-Systems(26) sa-health-ehs-user(7) sa-health-ehs-user-had(1)}
  • iri oid
  • /iso/member-body/au/government/nehta/external/sa-Health-eHealth-Systems/sa-health-ehs-user/sa-health-ehs-user-had
  • iri by oid_info

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    SA Health Active Directory Account
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    Information by oid_info

    Namespace for identifier of a local system user from the SA Health Active Directory (HAD).

    This OID goes in the root attribute, and the alphanumeric user logon name goes in the extension attribute at CDA schema path "author/assignedAuthor/assignedPerson/ext:asEntityIdentifier/ext:id". For example:

    <ext:id root="" extension="jsmith04" assigningAuthorityName="SA Health Active Directory Account" />
    <ext:code code="EI" codeSystem="2.16.840.1.113883.12.203" codeSystemName="Identifier Type (HL7)" />

    (Automatically extracted from the Health Level 7 OID Registry)

    First Registration Authority (recovered by parent

    Drew Andison

    Current Registration Authority

    Simon Biber

    Address: Level 9, 45 Grenfell Street
    Adelaide SA 5000

    Phone: +61 8 8425 1461

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    OIDNameSub childrenSub Nodes TotalDescription sa-health-ehs-user-oacis 0 0 SA Health Oacis User ID