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    Dec. 15, 2010

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    United Kingdom
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    The rules for allocating subsequent arcs are given in British Standard (BS) 7453 Part 1: "UK registration for Open System Standards - Procedures for the UK Name Registration Authority".

    The following are excerpts from BS 7453 Part 1:
    4.1.4: The following object identifier assigned to the UK scheme for the assignment of object identifiers names are available:
    (a) the object identifier value (see BS ISO/IEC 8824) {iso member-body gb(826)} [...].

    4.1.5: The following object identifiers are available to the UK Name Registration Authority for the purpose of name assignment:
    (a) the object identifier value, derived from item (a) of 4.1.4, {iso member-body gb(826) national(0)} [...];
    (b) the object identifiers of localities, each formed by concatenating as a prefix the object identifier from 4.1.4 with one of the sequences of object identifier component values assigned to localities by the Registration Authority. The method by which the UK is divided into localities, and thus name values are assigned to those localities, is outlined in appendix C. [See also F.3 below]
    Note: The named identified in (a) are used for the assignment of UK national names. The names identified in (b) are used for the assignment of UK local names. In effect, the UK Name Registration Authority acts as a name registration authority for each locality within the UK, divided as outlined in appendix C.

    4.1.6: No restrictions are placed on the kinds of organizations that can be assigned object identifier components by the UK Name Registration Authority.

    4.2.1: Object identifier component
    For the purposes of UK name generation an object identifier component is a positive integer [strictly] greater than 0 and [strictly] less than 224, i.e. 16,777,216). [...] An organization that is registered as a company under the provisions of the Companies Act 1985 is deemed to be assigned the implicit object identifier [...] formed in accordance with [...]. The implicit object identifier for a UK registered company is formed in two stages. First, a pair of component values is formed, by taking the integer value of the numeric component of the registered number and concatenating as a prefix one of the following object identifier component values:
    (a) 1: for companies registered in England and Wales;
    (b) 2: for companies registered in Scotland;
    (c) 3: for companies registered in Northern Ireland.
    Second, the resultant component pair is prefixed with the object identifier for the UK Name Registration Authority (see item (a) of 4.1.5). An organisation can only register a name value ending in the four characters [space]ltd, [space]plc, [space]cyf, or [space]ccc, if that name is the registered company name of that organization, under the provisions of the Companies Act 1985. [...]

    Appendix C: UK defined localities
    C.1: For the purpose of Registration the UK is defined into localities. If an organization wishes to register its name in association with a locality, rather than at national level, it can apply to the UK Name Registration Authority. The organization or individual might choose to do this in order to reduce the risk of duplication with another name which might occur at the national level.

    C.2: The localities to be used are determined by the UK Name Registration Authority from the postal districts defined by the Post Office. The localities named are the corresponding postal district names.

    C.3: The list of postal districts is subject to revision by the Post Office. The localities used by the UK Name Registration Authority are based on a specific edition of the list. [...]

    F.3: Use of the UK local names
    F.3.1: Use of the object identifier component form
    This subclause describes the construction of the Object Identifier name form a UK local name. The numeric value, m, assigned by the UK Name Registration Authority, in accordance with the procedures described in, will be used as the last component of the OSI name, and will succeed one of the sets of object identifier components assigned to the localities specified by the UK Name Registration Authority (see appendix C).
    {iso member-body gb(826) L...L organization(m)} [where L...L is associated with one of the localities defined in appendix C)]

    First Registration Authority

    The UK Name Registration Authority

    Address: Administrator
    2, Park Street
    London W1A 2BS

    Current Registration Authority

    Mark Barratt or Vanessa Tatler

    Address: BSI (British Standards Institute)
    IOTA Registration (Committee Service Centre)
    389 Chiswick High Road
    London W4 4AL
    United Kingdom

    Phone: +44 20 8996 7009

    Fax: +44 20 8996 7198

    Children (1)

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    1.2.826.0 national 18 177 UK national registration

    Note: "national" is defined in opposition with "local" (see 4.1.5.b below).

    Brothers (29)

    OIDNameSub childrenSub Nodes TotalDescription
    1.2.36 au 30 267 Australia
    1.2.40 at 1 87 Austria
    1.2.56 be 1 1 Belgium
    1.2.156 cn 33 109 People's Republic of China
    1.2.203 cz 2 2 Czech Republic
    1.2.208 dk 12 21 Denmark
    1.2.246 fi 6 10 Finland
    1.2.250 fr 1 120 France
    1.2.276 de 1 36 Germany
    1.2.280 280 0 0 Germany (in German, Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
    1.2.300 gr 1 4 Greece
    1.2.344 hk 0 0 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China
    1.2.372 ie 3 9 Ireland
    1.2.392 jp 11 102 Japan
    1.2.398 kz 0 0 Kazakhstan
    1.2.410 kr 19 234 Republic of Korea
    1.2.498 md 1 33 Moldova (Republic of)
    1.2.528 nl 2 31 Nederlands
    1.2.566 ng 0 0 Nigeria
    1.2.578 no 0 0 Norway
    1.2.616 pl 2 16 Poland
    1.2.643 ru 10 129 Russian Federation
    1.2.702 sg 1 8 Singapore
    1.2.704 vn 0 0 Vietnam
    1.2.752 se 229 284 Sweden
    1.2.804 ua 1 13 Ukraine
    1.2.840 us 55 3057 United States of America
    1.2.860 uz 0 0 Uzbekistan
    1.2.862 ve 0 0 Venezuela