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  • {iso(1) identified-organization(3) tc68(133) country(16) x9(840) x9standards(9) x9-55(55)}
  • {iso(1) org(3) tc68(133) country(16) x9(840) x9standards(9) x9-55(55)}
  • {iso(1) iso-identified-organization(3) tc68(133) country(16) x9(840) x9standards(9) x9-55(55)}
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  • /iso/identified-organization/tc68/country/x9/x9standards/x9-55
  • /iso/org/tc68/country/x9/x9standards/x9-55
  • /iso/iso-identified-organization/tc68/country/x9/x9standards/x9-55
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    ANS X9.55-1997 standard: Public Key Cryptography for the Financial Services Industry: Extensions to Public Key Certificates and Certificate Revocation Lists
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    All of the object identifiers defined in this standard are defined in the X.500 series Directory standards of the ITU-T and should be referenced there.


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