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2.16.20 (ad)
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dot oid
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  • {joint-iso-itu-t(2) country(16) ad(20) organitzacions(1)}
  • {joint-iso-ccitt(2) country(16) ad(20) organitzacions(1)}
  • iri oid
  • /joint-iso-itu-t/country/ad/organitzacions
  • /joint-iso-ccitt/country/ad/organitzacions
  • iri by oid_info
    creation date
    Jan. 17, 2014

    Description by oid_info

    Public, para-public and private organizations (in Catalan, Organitzacions públiques, parapúbliques o privades)
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    First Registration Authority

    Michel Moliné

    Current Registration Authority (recovered by parent 2)

    ITU-T SG 17 & ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6

    Children (1)

    OIDNameSub childrenSub Nodes TotalDescription gov 1 1 Government of Andorra (in Catalan, Govern d'Andorra)

    Brothers (1)

    OIDNameSub childrenSub Nodes TotalDescription regulacions 1 13 Policies and standards of the General Administration (in Catalan, Polítiques i Estàndards de l'Administraci&oacut…