Reference record for OID 2.25.99965455934958985791555510529640744219.9999

2.25.99965455934958985791555510529640744219 (gid-gmbh)
node code
node name
dot oid
asn1 oid
  • {joint-iso-itu-t(2) uuid(25) gid-gmbh(None) custom(9999)}
  • {joint-iso-ccitt(2) uuid(25) gid-gmbh(None) custom(9999)}
  • iri oid
  • /joint-iso-itu-t/uuid/gid-gmbh/custom
  • /joint-iso-ccitt/uuid/gid-gmbh/custom
  • iri by oid_info
    creation date
    July 20, 2005

    Description by oid_info

    LDAP Classes and Attributes for custom applications
    View at

    Information by oid_info

    For specific information please mail [email protected]

    First Registration Authority

    Mark Nellessen

    Address: gid GmbH

    Current Registration Authority (recovered by parent 2)

    ITU-T SG 17 & ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6

    Children (1)

    OIDNameSub childrenSub Nodes TotalDescription
    2.25.99965455934958985791555510529640744219.9999.11963 hlg 5 5 LDAP Classes and Attributes for customer hlg

    Brothers (3)

    OIDNameSub childrenSub Nodes TotalDescription
    2.25.99965455934958985791555510529640744219.1 sofa 0 0 LDAP Classes and Attributes for Helpdesk application Sofa
    2.25.99965455934958985791555510529640744219.2 cms 0 0 LDAP Classes and Attributes for CMS application gid CMS
    2.25.99965455934958985791555510529640744219.3 gwarchiv 0 0 LDAP Classes and Attributes for eMail Archiv-Software application gwArchiv