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2.48 (cybersecurity)
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  • {joint-iso-itu-t(2) cybersecurity(48) country(1)}
  • {joint-iso-ccitt(2) cybersecurity(48) country(1)}
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  • /joint-iso-itu-t/cybersecurity/country
  • /joint-iso-ccitt/cybersecurity/country
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    March 2, 2012

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    ITU Member States
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    Rules for allocation of subsequent arcs are specified in Rec. ITU-T X.1500.1, Annex B.

    The primary integer values (and hence the integer-valued Unicode labels) assigned to subsequent arcs are the values of the numeric-3 codes of ISO 3166-1 (without leading zeros) for a UN Member State. Secondary identifiers and non-integer Unicode labels are assigned that are the (two letter) alpha-2 code elements of ISO 3166-1 (in capitals for the Unicode labels).
    Note: The existence of a country code in ISO 3166-1 does not necessarily imply that there is an agency in that country which can allocate subsequent OIDs for the identification of national cybersecurity information. ISO 3166-1 also assigns codes to regions or areas, but for the purpose of this Recommendation, an arc shall only be assigned to an ITU Member State.

    Each ITU Member State has an arc automatically allocated under the country arc. However, to be able to use it, the ITU Member State shall nominate a national Registration Authority (RA) for that arc and inform ITU-T Q.4/17 by sending a letter based on the template given in Rec. ITU-T X.1500.1, clause B.2.

    Each national RA shall assign an arc to a national organization which requests one. The national RA shall follow a process similar to what is described in Rec. ITU-T X.1500.1, clauses 7 to 10 (in particular, it plays both the technical role and the administrative role).

    Each national RA shall make best efforts to provide a publicly available Web page detailing entries in the register, with email addresses protected against robot harvesting.

    It is recommended that each national organization assigns subsequent arcs (of its arc) as depicted on Rec. ITU-T X.1500.1, Figure B.1.

    First Registration Authority

    ITU-T Q.4/17

    Current Registration Authority (recovered by parent 2)

    ITU-T SG 17 & ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6

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