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  • {itu-t(0) identified-organization(4) etsi(0) reserved(127) etsi-identified-organization(0)}
  • {ccitt(0) identified-organization(4) etsi(0) reserved(127) etsi-identified-organization(0)}
  • iri oid
  • /itu-t/identified-organization/etsi/reserved/etsi-identified-organization
  • /ccitt/identified-organization/etsi/reserved/etsi-identified-organization
  • iri by oid_info

    Description by oid_info

    ETSI identified organizations
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    Information by oid_info

    There is no need for the organization to be an ETSI Member.

    For more information, see document ETSI EG 200 351.

    See OIDs maintained by ETSI.

    First Registration Authority (recovered by parent

    ETSI Protocol Naming and Numbering and Service (PNNS)

    Current Registration Authority

    Protocol and Testing Competence Centre (PTCC)

    Address: The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
    650 route des Lucioles
    06921 Sophia Antipolis

    Children (14)

    OIDNameSub childrenSub Nodes TotalDescription expertTelecom 0 0 Expert Telecoms GmbH franceTelecom 0 0 France Telecom matav 0 0 Matav airwide-solutions 0 0 Airwide Solutions (previously, Sema Group Telecoms) ericsson 0 0 Ericsson megisto 0 0 Megisto bsi-de 3 6 Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) (in English, Federal Office for Information Security) ascom-tateco 0 0 Ascom Tateco gsm-association 0 0 Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) Association escb 0 0 European Systems of Central Banks crmd 0 0 Civil Registry and Migration Department, Republic of Cyprus bbva 0 0 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, SA pocketKings 0 0 Pocket Kings Ltd. topicus 0 0 Topicus