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    International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
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    Information by oid_info

    This arc is for International Standards and ISO Member Bodies.

    Operation of this arc is in accordance with Rec. ITU-T X.660 | ISO/IEC 9834-1 "Procedures for the operation of object identifier registration authorities: General procedures and top arcs of the international object identifier tree".

    All decisions related to subsequent arcs, other than the assignment of additional secondary identifiers to top-level arc 1 (see Rec. ITU-T X.660 (2004) | ISO/IEC 9834-1:2004, A.5), will be recorded as amendments to Rec. ITU-T X.660 | ISO/IEC 9834-1 (such changes to the common text will be regarded as editorial by ITU-T).

    From Rec. ITU-T X.660 (2004) | ISO/IEC 9834-1:2004, "the top-level arcs are restricted to three arcs numbered 0 to 2; and the arcs beneath root arcs 0 and 1 are restricted to forty arcs numbered 0 to 39. This enables optimized encodings to be used in which the values of the top two arcs for all arcs under top-level arcs 0 and 1 encode in a single octet in an object identifier encoding (see the Rec. ITU-T X.690 series | ISO/IEC 8825 multi-part Standard).

    Information by mibdepot

    iso OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { 1 }

    Information by circitor

    iso OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { 1 }

    Children (4)

    OIDNameSub childrenSub Nodes TotalDescription
    1.0 standard, std 87 3290 ISO or IEC International Standards (not jointly published with ITU-T)
    1.1 registration-authority 15 80 Registration authorities
    1.2 member-body 30 4781 ISO Member Bodies
    1.3 identified-organization, org, iso-identified-organization 185 984040 Organization identification schemes registered according to ISO/IEC 6523-2